State-of-play: Mapping complementary projects

The purpose of the study

In a second draft report an investigation has been made into other EU financed projects of relevance to benefit from their experiences in the Viabal project. This text is a brief review of the study.


Large number of projects with much to learn from

South Baltic Programme

  1. Baltic Museums 2.0 – Cross-border tourism information products by South Baltic
    Oceanographic Museums
  2. Baltic Museums 2.0 Plus – Implementation of eGuides with cross-border shared content
    for South Baltic Oceanographic Museums
  3. Four Corners Heritage – To develop, strengthen and sustain the use of Natural and
    Cultural heritage of the Four Corners (of the South Baltic Sea)
  4. SeaSide – Cultural destinations in the Southern Baltic area
  5. United – United in diversity
  6. Enjoy South Baltic – Promoting South Baltic as a tourist destination
  7. LIFEscape – Implementing the landscape convention (also in coastal areas)
  8. Marriage – better marina management, harbor network consolidation and water tourism
    marketing in the southern Baltic rim
  9. M.A.S.T. – Maritime education and sail training for young people
  10. Craftland – Preservation of cultural heritage


Central Baltic Programme

  1. Geoislands – Fostering geotourism on central Baltic islands
  2. BACES – Basic Archipelago and Islands Centers
  3. FIR – Friendly island routes
  4. Shipwher – Shipwreck heritage
  5. Cult Identity – The Ancient Cult Sites for Common Identity on the Baltic Sea Coast

Seed Money Facility Projects
MARTABAL – Maritime heritage atlas Baltic Sea

AGORA 2.0 – Heritage tourism for increased BSR identity

Indication for a need of new directions

There seems historically to be a considerable emphasis on projects relevant to the Viabal maritime heritage focus especially in the south part of the Baltic Sea, with fewer in the central part of the Baltic and – above all – only some single projects addressing a joint All Baltic perspective.

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