State-of-play: The Baltic structure

The purpose of the study

The purpose of this paper is to map the situation for potential stakeholders / types of stake­holders for a possible Main pro­ject. These are to be found on three levels, to secure viability of results, credibility of content and an all Baltic perspective.

The three levels of stakeholders

Level 1 stakeholders – the local and operational level

This is where entrepreneurs are and the private capital can be engaged. This is where the number of visitors shows up, where more business is created and new companies are star­ted. This is where jobs are created and the prospects for more permanent residents improve.

Level 2 stakeholders – the national knowledge centres

This is where the research and accumulation of local and regional knowledge regarding the maritime heritage takes place. This is where the specialists are. This is from where to extract and learn for the local operators in making the heritage available to tourisms, schools and research.

Level 3 stakeholders – the comprehensive view and the Baltic networks level

This is where the Baltic perspective resides. This is where the Baltic networks are built. This is where the joint knowledge is. This is where the Baltic values are cultivated and secured. This is where information and experiences is spread around the Baltic.

The all Baltic stakeholders

A special emphasis is in the report put on the all Baltic level, since stakeholders on lower levels are to be identified on the future Work Package level. There are numerous such stake­holders (11 of them are identified in the paper) and there will have to be a careful procedure to make the choice on whom to involve. In the end this choice depends on the direction of a proposed Main pro­jects and choice of Work packages. A number of max 3 such organization can be foreseen, for efficiency and practical reasons. Professional organizations will be preferred rather than political.


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