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Turning idea into a project


As a seed money project the Viabal team in 2014 built a base structure for a forthcoming possible main project. During 2015 this was further elaborated in dialogues between partners and with the technical secretariats of the Baltic Sea Region program and other EU funding institutions.

The transfer of the project from the All Baltic Sea Region Program perspective to the North Central Baltic perspective, presently the Viabal main project is outlined in four work packa­ges.

WP 1 – Going from local to joint perspective, a mapping procedure

WP 2 – The communication platform (designing and building)

WP 3 – Implementation of the attraction

WP 4 – Following research, marketing, management


As a pilot case and with a possibility to go from the projects 5-6 partners to hundreds of operators around the Baltic Sea rural coastal area, the expected outputs are;

  • A combined knowledge, information and marketing system
  • A method for displaying, explaining and inspiring
  • A tool for product development
  • Tested product opportunities







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