Turning idea into a project

Turning idea into a project

The Viabal concept and the Baltic Gates project

The Viabal concept is an idea of a long-term development to increase public accessibility to, awareness of and interest in the joint Baltic Maritime heritage.

The Baltic Gates project is intended to constitute a possible joint basis for the hundreds of local maritime heritage sites around the Baltic Sea. A basis for increa­sing visitors’ awareness and interest in the joint Baltic Sea maritime heritage. From this point the Viabal idea and concept is to be realized, in ultimately identifying new business opportunities to increase number of visitors and number of jobs in sparsely populated coastal areas.

What the Baltic Gates project is about

Every coastal Baltic Maritime Heritage site has links to the joint Baltic Sea history, to other countries and sites around the Baltic Sea. Such links and relations may be through individuals (travelers, sailors, merchants), through trade activities (building, sailing, passengers and goods) or through wars (battles, refugees). These relations tie us together. They are ”windows” or “gates”, to the joint Baltic Sea history. They provide a means for looking into the past as well as the future together. The gates are opportunities to visitors for joint understanding of our common culture as well as to operators to cooperate in development, marketing and for new businesses. And it all starts with the history and events of the site, often with visible artefacts, be it a rock carving, a wreck, a lighthouse, a building, a replica, a pot …

Read more about the Baltic Gates project in this PDF file:  Baltic_Gates_Concept.pdf


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